Camping Offers Many Health Benefits For the Entire Family

Camping offers many family health benefits, while still being lots of fun for the entire family. Even the family dog can benefit from camping. Of course, the benefits will vary according to where and what type of camping you decide to do.Types of campingCamping can be divided into three main categories. These categories are primitive, semi-primitive, and modern. With primitive camping, there are no modern conveniences, not even a toilet, is provided. Semi-primitive offers some modern conveniences, such as an outhouse toilet and possibly running water and electricity, or can offer a fully functional bath house or pavilion with running water and electricity for communal use. Modern camping involves a site that provides a fully functioning bath house, with showers. Each site includes running water and electricity, and can even come with a cabin for shelter. The amount of exercise tends to increase with the amount of primitiveness.

Camping locationsThe location of the campsite will also make a difference in the amount and type of exercise the family will get. For instance, if located in the mountains, the family will probably get in some hiking, mostly up and down steep slopes. If it’s located by a clean river, creek, or lake, then the family will mostly be getting exercise by swimming, hiking, fishing, or boating. If camping in a desert area, the family will most likely do a bit of hiking or rock climbing. The best exercise is provided by camping in a mountainous, forested area near an unpolluted creek, river, or lake. However, if you can’t afford to go far from home, then just camp out in your own backyard, and imagine you are in one of these types of locations.Types of exerciseCamping offers exercises for the entire body, depending on what activities are included. Walking, hiking, and swimming provide excellent workouts for the entire body. Fishing and throwing a ball or Frisbee gives arms and shoulders a good workout. Boating, depending on the type of boat, can give the arms, shoulders, and legs a workout. Singing or telling stories around the campfire are an excellent voice box exercises, as well as provide an opportunity for the family to share ideas and information.Bird watching can exercise the arms, eyes, and neck, as well as legs. Setting up a campsite in itself is a great workout for the entire body, so be sure every family member helps! To exercise the abdominal muscles, legs, and arms, just gather firewood, tend a camp fire, or go for a nature hike and explore for animal tracks, leaves, rocks, or feathers.

Other health benefitsSpending time outdoors, especially in a mountainous, forested area near a source of water, can greatly improve everyone’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It gives every family member a chance to reconnect with nature, themselves and each other. It provides a relaxing atmosphere in which each person can get healthier while still having lots of fun. Camping is a good, pleasant, inexpensive way to exercise while having quality family time together.